Industrial & Vintage brake bonding services

We have a fully equipped bonding plant which enables us to re-bond just about anything ,our turn around time on special bonding can most times be completed within 3 hours depending on the application. Our bonding services include all industrial bonding applications-Large brake bands-Industrial machine brake bonding-Vintage brake bands-motor & mini bike shoes-agricultural tractor bonding-Mower discs-power winch-centrifugal clutch bonding-chain saws-grass cutters-clutch plates-transmission plates & many other bonding applications.


We can have your Brake/clutch Master Cylinders / wheel cylinders and slave cylinders re-sleeved and re- kitted if required. Our re-sleeved cylinders are sleeved in stainless steel and are bead blasted back to original condition.


Flywheel Grinding
Flywheel Grinding is available for any application including Heavy commercial truck-agricultural machinery-Standard & Performance flywheels.

Advantages in using braided brake hoses over conventional rubber design

Brake Hoses & End Fittings

Brake hoses are often overlooked for fatigue and wear during servicing and tend only to be replaced after failing or leaking. Once a brake hose shows any sign of rubbing or cracking it should be replaced immediately.

Brabonds range consists of over 700 hoses which cater for the majority of vehicles on Australian roads. In addition to our hose range Brabond has the manufacturing ability to custom make hoses and stocks in excess of 350 individual end fittings, including braided stainless steel hose fabrication-Brake quip approved supplier.

  • Hose are made with the finest quality Stainless
     Steel Braided tube.

  • Improved Safety with Enhanced Performance.

  • Can reduce braking distance during a Panic Stop.

  • Eliminates pedal sponginess under firm/heavy braking.

  • Allows immediate brake pedal response.

  • Increases brake efficiency.

  • Abrasion and Corrosion resistant.

  • Compatible with ALL brake fluids.


Traditionally, ‘STREET LEGAL’ Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses were only available through a select
number of outlets and were always difficult to get quickly and easily.

Brabond is a brake hose manufacturing ‘specialists’ At Brabond we have pledged to manufacture your Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses to comply with the requirements of the Australian Design Rule (ADR).

These Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses have been designed by Brake Quip, who are one of the world leaders in brake hose manufacturing technology. The Department of Transport and Regional Services (DoTaRS) have issued this design hose the Component Registration Number (CRN) 30886.

Brabond will only make your brake hoses using genuine Brake Quip components. Our Company is registered with Brake Quip and have been issued a Compliance Certificate as proof of their commitment to product and service.

Consider ‘Street Legal’ Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses for your car or bike!

Old-Fashion rubber brake hoses traditionally fitted to cars and bikes are fast becoming overtaken. When it comes to an economical way of improving brakes, fitting Brake Quip design Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses can improve safety and enhance performance. They are the latest in Style and Performance – the New Industry Standard.